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Animal Success Stories
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BETH--Mila's baby

Just letting you know she did great overnight. No issues with not having jo with her. She is a smart cookie, already working on sit and fetch and no accidents at all yesterday. Marah is playing great with her and she is very gentle with Marah. She's such a sweetheart. We adore this pup!  


Attached is the most recent picture of Baxter and his very best friend, Wiley. One is always looking around for the other. We love to watch from our windows the two of them playing catch-up tag with each other - they are both in good shape! Baxter for Christmas is going to get a ball that looks and smells like a large lump of coal. Wiley will get a snowball that smells of peppermint. Wally will get a new bell to swing in his birdcage. How's that for gifts??? Love & Happy Holidays - Catherine


Today marks one year since we adopted Marbury (Chewy) and Madison (Lucy Lou). They have brought so much joy to our lives. Madison is still super sweet (still living up to her description as a love bug) and Marbury is still mischievous. He is funny -- he follows me everywhere around the house.  They cuddle with each other every morning and night. Thanks for helping us find these cuties!

Squirt- Darling Pug beagle mix boy-S

We are doing great and on a good schedule. He's growing closer to me every day and is improving during our walks. He's still shy and occasionally shakes when other people walk by but we'll continue to work on it. He loves to play catch and brings the ball back to me so I can throw it again. He definitely loves to sit in my lap when I'm in the recliner. Thanks again!!

Georgia Peach---N

 I adopted a wonderful dog from you last year.  Her name was Little Georgia Peach, but I renamed her "Jill".  I now have 2 rescue dogs.  Jack and Jill.  She attached herself to Jack from day one and they are best buddies.  They are always together.  Both dogs have wonderful personalities and love everyone.  I never hesitate to recommend your rescue to friends looking to adopt.

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