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About our Organization

Southern Comforts Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3), Texas-based animal rescue organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from local kill shelters. Once out of the shelter we place our animals into loving, pre-screened foster homes and they are provided all necessary medical treatments including: spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-worming, heartworm testing/treatment and micro-chipping. While in their foster homes, all of our animals' personalities and temperaments are evaluated to determine the best possible placement. We look at suitability for homes with children, other dogs and/or cats, separation anxiety issues, crate training and housebreaking. The more we know about our rescues, the better chance we have of finding them the perfect home.

Fostering is a crucial part of this process as it allows us to get a good idea of the animal in a real-world, home environment. Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent is encouraged to visit our Foster Information page for more information and an application.

We work closely with a number of local shelters to facilitate adoptions. It is our goal to get as many dogs as possible out of the shelters and into safe and loving foster or forever homes. With the help of our dedicated group of volunteers we are able to assist understaffed shelters by photographing and posting animals in danger of euthanization both locally and in New England and the Pacific Northwest. When space is available in one of our foster homes a dog is pulled from the shelter and will spend a minimum of two weeks in a foster home while he/she is evaluated and medical care is provided.

Southern Comforts Animal Rescue in the North

Southern Comforts Animal Rescue has a network of foster homes and volunteers in the North. Due to the lax spay/neuter laws in Texas our shelters are always at full capacity. It is a constant race to get dogs out of the shelters and into foster homes before they are euthanized due to overcrowding. Our northern friends have graciously offered their assistance in the form of foster homes, publicity for our animals (via their Facebook page and local TV stations), processing applications and screening potential adopters. With their help we are able to transport numerous animals out of local shelters and into loving homes in the northern states.

Over the last few years Southern Comforts Animal Rescue and our northern partners have successfully placed hundreds of rescue animals through this alliance. We hope to continue to do so until the spay/neuter laws in Texas are changed and there are no more homeless animals in our shelters!

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